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Marissabel Alvarez Mayol became a licensed Zumba Instructor in June of 2010. While in law school in Florida, she was tired of carrying around an extra 60 pounds that seemed to appear out of nowhere. Bored with treadmills and elliptical machines, she tried a Zumba class at a nearby gym and slowly began to dance those pounds off. After realizing that Zumba was not only the reason for her weight loss, but was also her reason for enjoying life and having more fun than ever before, she knew she wanted to teach Zumba to give others the chance to feel as good as she did. Having been inspired by her own Zumba Instructors, Lina Hernandez ang ever since……

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Marissabel Mayol

Marissabel is a graduate of Amarily’s Academy of Dance Arts wherein she underwent extensive training for over fifteen (15) years in ballet, flamenco, tap, and jazz which allows her to add a unique and special touch to her choreographies within her ZUMBA classes.

Marissabel is committed to improving her skills as a ZUMBA Instructor by continuing training and education to create the best experience possible for her class participants. She has trained with the creator of ZUMBA, Beto Perez, as well as many other renown members of the ZUMBA fitness program such as Tanya Beardsley, Jani Roberts, Ali Ramirez, and Kelly Bullard.

Marissabel is currently licensed in ZUMBA Basic Level 1, ZUMBA Basic Level 2, ZUMBA Toning and Zumbatomic. She is also a member of ZIN (ZUMBA Instructor Network). She approaches each class with such a passion and love for ZUMBA that it radiates out of her in each and every class that she teaches.



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